could the trump-macron bromance be over?

· u.s. president donald trump attacked his french counterpart on tuesday in a series of tweets that underscored how much the once-friendly ties between the two leaders have soured, just two days after returning from paris

· trump blasted the key u.s. ally over its near defeat to germany in two world wars, its wine industry and macron's approval ratings

· trump said macron has a "low approval rating," accused france of unfair trade practices over wine and attacked the news coverage of his trip

· trump pointed to macron's recent comments about europe's need to protect itself, tweeting "it was germany in world wars one & two - how did that work out for france? they were starting to learn german in paris before the u.s. e along. pay for nato or not!"

  • macron's office did not provide comment on the twitter attack

copenhagen: new island settlement to house 35,000 people and shore up sea defence

lans for a new island near copenhagen’s harbour hope to create more space for the city’s growing population.

that’s according to the prime minister.

lars lokke rasmussen also added that, by 2070, the proposal will have housing for 35,000 people and will also protect the city from rising sea levels.

“the capital is in id development, being built as never before. that’s good but it also means that copenhagen will run out of plots eventually, and that’s why we want to build a new island,” rasmussen said.

the project, tentatively called lynetteholm, will cost around 20 billion danish crowns (€2.7 billion) and will be self-financed, according to the prime minister.

it will include a harbour tunnel and a metro line to connect with two districts - nordhavn and refshaleøen .

work is set to start around 2035.

copenhagen’s lord mayor frank jensen was at the prime minister’s briefing, indicating support for the project from the main opposition party.

may's deal could break up the united kingdom: dup

· theresa may's proposed brexit deal has the potential to break up the united kingdom because it will treat northern ireland differently, democratic unionist party (dup) lawmaker jeffrey donaldson told radio on wednesday

· one of 10 lawmakers who props up may's government, donaldson added that he would not fear a new national election if a vote against may's brexit deal in parliament forces the country into another general vote

· "from what we have seen and heard we do not believe this deal is the best deal," donaldson said. "this deal has the potential to lead to the break-up of the united kingdom and that is not something we can support."