مکالمه در مورد هتل

a: “thank you for calling great ... el. how may i help you?”
b: “i would like to rent a room, but how much do you charge a night?”
a: “our prices start at $79 a night for a standard room.”
b: “great. can you reserve a room for me?”
a: “sure. what day are you coming in?”
b: “i will be checking in on august 3rd.”
a: “how many days do you need the room for?”
b: “i’ll need it for three nights.”
a: “ok. i have you coming in on the 3rd of august and checking out on the 6th. is that correct?”
b: “yes.”
a: “how many total adults?”
b: “two adults and two kids.”
a: “how old are the children?”
b: “۱۰ and 12.”
a: “would you like one room or two rooms?”
b: “just one is fine.”
a: “would you like a smoking room or a non smoking room?”
b: “non smoking room please.”
a: “can i have your last name?”
b: “park.”
a: “your first name”
b: “young. that’s y o u n g.”
a: “let me confirm your information mr. park. i have one non smoking double room with 2 adults and 2 children from august 3rd to august 6th. is this correct?”
b: “yes.”
a: “the total comes to $256.78. can i get your credit card number?”
b: “sure. it is 444444444444.”
a: “what is the name on the credit card?”
b: “young park.”
a: “i have the room reserved for you. if you need to cancel, please call us 24 hours before your check in date. failure to cancel will result in a one day charge on your credit card. is there anything else i can do for you?”
b: “yes, one more question. what time can we check in.”
a: “we can check you in by 2:00pm.”
b: “great. thank you.”
a: “thank you and have a great day.”
b: “thanks. bye”
a: “good bye.”