many exciting things are true in your new relationship with christ. discovering these truths will help you build a firm foundation to your faith.

christ forgave your sin. read colossians 1:13-14. when you trusted christ for the forgiveness of your sin, all your sins were forgiven...past, present, and future. what difference does it make to you to know that your sin is forgiven?

christ made you a child of god. read john 1:12. when you received christ, you began a loving relationship with god as his child. how important is that to you?

christ ... e into your life and will never leave you. read hebrews 13:5. under what circumstances might christ leave you?

according to these last two verses, how many times is it necessary to receive christ?

christ began a new life in you. read 2 corinthians 5:17. when you trusted christ to be your savior and lord, you began a new spiritual life. god will increasingly produce many new qualities in you as you respond to him. are you grateful that god has made all things new for you?

christ gave you eternal life. read 1 john 5:11-13. on what is eternal life based? when does a person’s eternal life begin? when will it end?

key question: if you were to die tonight, how sure are you that you would spend eternity with god? circle your answer: 0—25—50—75—100%

these wonderful benefits are based on what jesus christ has done for you. none of them can be earned. you received them the moment you placed your faith in christ. are any of these truths especially meaningful to you right now? if so, why?

discover more treasure: work through your personal discovery guide to review what you learned in today's "together session" and discover more of the riches that are yours in your relationship with christ.

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personal discovery guide

the personal discovery guide is for you to work on by yourself. it is divided into “days” to help you build a new habit of focusing on jesus daily as you learn to enjoy your relationship with him. read the verses and record any reflections and responses you may have to what you read.

you have trusted in christ’s payment for your sin. in lesson 1, you have been introduced to the basis of your new relationship with god—faith in jesus christ. you have also looked at five truths about your new life in christ. so, you can now have confidence in your new life with him.