uzbek folktales

aldar ... a

the donkey of aldar ... a

among the people there is a saying: "a poor is hounded by a dog, even if he is sitting on the ... el." one day it was raining and aldar ... a was mounting a donkey not a ... el, and was coming home, and he was also plowing two donkeys, which were burdening in font of himself. he ... e to the village alimkent, which was nearby samarqand, at midnight. alimkent's people never thought about their public services, and the streets were always swamp, which they lived.

in the middle of the bazar the donkeys of aldar ... a sank into the swamp. even, aldar ... a called people to help him, but nobody liked to get out from their warm quilt and to help him. the slumber of alimkent's people was very solid(durable). the swamp pulled inside the donkeys itself. aldar ... a could only save barely himself, and from burdens he could only save one sack of haricot bean.

until morning the donkeys sank into the swamp and only their ears were seen. aldar ... a started to cry.